Sunday, March 8, 2009

Frame and Steering Knuckles

Welding is nearly complete. Here is the undercarriage - basically, the two live axles connected by slightly smaller tubes:

Note the forks on the front axle. These are left over from the Electrojeep project. I made two steering knuckles to fit inside the forks. They are made from 1 1/4" conduit (the main bearing), 1" conduit (the axle screw), and 1/2" conduit (the tie rod connection). I found that 1 3/8" bearings fit *exactly* into 1 1/4" conduit after a little bit of heat application - keeps them in there nice and tight. The wheel axle screws into a 10x1.0 nut welded inside a washer, which itself is welded to the knuckle. Not the prettiest welds (this thin-walled tubing is a pain) but strong:

And here is the frame for the top. On top of this will be placed wood boxes / flooring / etc.:

The undercarriage will be attached to the main frame through full elliptical leaf springs. These were made by Amish craftsmen using hand tools (really!):

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